Things To Do

Many of my guests have arrived with plans to get about a bit and see things……and have then spent the whole holiday on a sun lounger on the lawn, interspersed with quick trips to SuperU (supermarket, 5 minute in the car) to stock up on ‘essentials’

For the more adventurous, there are lots of things to do, places to visit and stuff to keep the whole family happy.

The cottage has three orange folders marked:


Sports, Games and Activities

Shopping and Eating

(I used to be a school teacher……does it show??!) these contain loads of leaflets and ideas for you, the majority within 90minutes travel time and most a whole lot closer

In addition there are lots of festivals, live music events fireworks, medieval weekends, antique fairs, agricultural shows……the list goes on! In fact you will be spoiled for choice!

Back to the sun loungers…….there is a lot here to entertain all the family.

animals to pet and feed, fishing, boating, biking, splashing, table tennis, table football, badminton, darts, walking, bird watching, barbecuing, scrabble……..lazing on the terrace, star gazing and just…..well, living!







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