How to Find Us

Directions to Weeping Willow Cottage, Le Moulin de Merault

Begin your holiday straight away – find our holiday cottage in France quickly!

Using GPS

The address is: Le Moulin de Merault, Gorron 53120

Most GPS systems seem to find the house quite easily.

Just an extra hint, although the address is Gorron, in fact the house is much nearer to the village of Lesbois so you may not go into the town at all, depends which way the sat nav brings you and which port or airport you are driving from.

Map reading

The last few miles cause the most difficulties so here are some directions to help you.

Coming from Caen you are likely to drive through Flers and then Domfront, then you need to follow the road D976 and then the D21 to Passais and then D21 on to L’Epinay le Comte and then D118 to  Lesbois.

This is the Front Gate | Weeping Willow Holiday Cottage in FranceWhen you reach the centre of the village the church should be in front of you with the little bar/café called Le Marmite on your right. Take the road to the left, D524 called Rue de Sabotiers up the hill and take the first turning right. It’s marked ‘Couveloup.’ Follow this lane past Couveloup Farm and you will have a laurel hedge to your left (my hedge!) fork left and my gate is just around the corner on your left with the lions on the gate posts and the old wagon wheel.

If you get lost, go back to Le Marmite, order a drink and call me on 0243044322 I will come and get you!

Coming from St Malo, Roscoff or Rennes Airport or Dinard airport you take the road towards Rennes then Fougeres then the ring road towards Gorron D806 which becomes the D33.

When you get to Gorron go round the ring road until you reach the Water Tower, direction, Mayenne and Ambrieres. This is a great landmark because you can see it from everywhere! Says Gorron on it and a very large picture of water…can’t miss it!

Then take the D118 towards Lesbois and immediately fork right on to the D201, direction Cousmes-Vauce. Go along this for about ½ a mile or less and take the first turning left. There are white railings, turn left on the corner before the railings. Follow this lane along and down the hill until you see trees straight in front of you (my trees!) fork right and the gate is on your left with the old wagon wheel and the lions.

Coming from the Channel tunnel or ports further to the East.

There are a variety of routes. I would come along the coast towards Le Havre and then towards Caen. Then almost due south through Flers and Domfront (see above)

It is also possible to drive through Rouen and towards Alencon. Up to you.

If you end up in Mayenne, take the N12, direction Ernee, then, at Saint Georges Buttavent take a right turn, signposted Gorron D5 about 3 kms after the village of Brece you will get to a roundabout, turn right  (in front of you will be SuperU supermarket, the best one in Gorron, good fuel prices too!)

Go straight ahead at the next roundabout. (If you turn left here there is a bank just there called Credit Agricole, with a cash machine) Go up the hill to the roundabout with the water tower. Follow directions written above from here)

If you end up in Ambrieres-les-Vallees, follow directions for Gorron, the D33. Go past the Gorron sign then at the roundabout turn right and go up the hill to the water tower roundabout (see directions from water tower, written above.)

The journey time from Gorron is about 5 minutes and from Lesbois about 2 minutes. If really stuck, call me on 0243044322. And remember, the natives are VERY friendly! You can always try out your French……!

Bonne Voyage!!

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  • The fishing at Weeping Willow Cottage was a real pleasure. The combination of roach, rudd, carp and gudgeon provides the perfect selection of fish for those of us who are seeking pleasure rather than breaking records. The carp are still of a size that allows for the use of relatively light tackle to enjoy the other species. All of the fish are in great condition and the depth of water is great for float fishing or taking carp off the surface. Most of the roach appear to be around 4 -6 ounces, but I was fortunate to connect with a couple that were around the pound mark. Is there any angler who started fishing as a child that does not appreciate the odd gudgeon appearing in a session? Relax and enjoy.

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