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Hi, my name is Sue Baines and I am the super lucky person who lives at Le Moulin de Merault all year round. I arrived here in December 2013 and immediately began work updating and refurbishing the little cottage next door to my house with the aim of bringing it back to life and creating a beautiful, comfortable holiday cottage with the wow factor! It has been a true labour of love and I am very proud of the results. I named it Weeping Willow Cottage in honour of the beautiful willows that grow around our carp fishing lake and I have tried to surround it in flowers and greenery that reflect the peaceful, rural setting.

I live here with my own private zoo! Perhaps this is a reflection of my years in Kenya, where I lived and worked as a teacher…….though the animals here are rather smaller than the Kenyan ones….and friendlier

The Team!

About Us | Meet Rory at our French Rural Retreat

Ready to go!

  • Founder member of my ‘team’ and Head of Security, is Rory, my beautiful Bernese Mountain dog who is affectionate and very gentle despite his massive size.
  • Boots, Slippers and Snoopy my three cats, live in the barn and are in charge of rodent control! They are  very clean and friendly though Boots, in particular, is naughty!
  • Stand up (and sit-down!) comedians, ducks, Geoffrey and Hattie have just had 9 ducklings. Little fluffy bundles who live with mum and dad on Duck Island in the Quack House!!!

Finally, my carp. There are about 100 fish in the lake. Mirror Carp, Common Carp, the rarer Wild Carp as well as Roach and Tench. They are in excellent condition and live a contented, well fed life in a very natural environment. Their job is to entertain our guests which they do with ease. A couple of hours fishing, or just sitting and watching them from the terrace or the lakeside lawn is a constant source of enjoyment to everyone who visits us.

We hope to welcome you to Weeping Willow Cottage very soon!


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